Sunday, February 27, 2011

true uni life~~


hye ol! i wanna do sum confessionn..really.yes!!..

i need da real uni life..

hanging out wif frens,SPORTTTTs, camping...a lot of friends,coursemate,excellenTTT in studiessss and so on..
* wat we saw in moviee..hehe*

did u get it wat i meann??..hoho..i said sportt rite just is fun to c peoples involves with sports.
.but to see me participate into it.dream on!...sebab..nuyu is so PEMALASSSS!..yes i'm a slacker in many things..

p/s:..nota kaki tuk dri sndri:: hope to c me change kannn..jadii rajin la..haha.

1 comment:

akmalhakim said...

sport itu seronok..he3